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SmartGen | New Power Management Controller HPM6 Launches!


HPM6 is a power management system tailored for marine applications, which can be used for intelligent control and management of marine supply between DG, SG, emergency/harbor genset and shore power. It has synchronization, load sharing, load transfer, HC inquiry, NEL trip, light consumer control functions.


HPM6 power management controller adopts split type design, composing of display module HPM6D and master control module HPM6M.

HPM6M Hardware Configuration:

· 20-way digital inputs;

· 20-way digital outputs;

· 4-way analog outputs (AVR, GOV, transmitter);

· 2-way analog inputs (voltage/current/resistance type);

· DC 10V output (supply power for voltage type sensor);

· Bus, gen voltage sampling, 3-phase current and earth current;

· 2 USB ports, 1 USB DEVICE (parameter configuration), 1 USB HOST (can insert USB, save event log);

· 4 ETHERNET ports (can connect master control module, PC software, display module);

· 1-way CANBUS port;

· 1-way RS485 port.


HPM6M Master Control Module

HPM6D Hardware Configuration:

· 4.3-inch LCD display, 480x272 resolution;

· 2 USB ports, 1 USB DEVICE (parameter configuration), 1 USB HOST (can insert USB, save event log);

· 2 ETHERNET ports (connect master control module, PC software);

· 1 RS485 port;

· 1-way user-defined digital output.


HPM6D Display Module

HPM6 Main Functions and Characteristics:

· Built-in PLC programmable function, user can control logic according to demand;

· User-defined system SLD;

· Voltage/current imbalance protection 2-level;

· Over power/reverse power protection 2-level;

· Over/under voltage/over/under frequency protection 3-level;

· Overcurrent protection 6-level;

· 3-level password protection;

· 3-way NEL trip;

· 4-way HC inquiry;

· Alarm record function, which can record up to 500 pieces and will not lost even in case of power dropout;

· Event record function, which can record up to 500 pieces and will not lost even in case of power dropout;

· User-defined protocol content function;

· User-defined bus data function, other gensets controller data can be read from one controller;

· Harmonic analysis and gen voltage/current wave display function;

· Data curve real-time monitoring function;

· Black box function;

· Master control module has USB record function, data analysis can be performed by opening 

USB record via PC software;

· Display module can open USB, save configuration files;

· It can expand 2 16-way digital output module DOUT16B, 2 16-way digital input module DIN16A, 

power integrated protection module HMP300.

Multi-unit Network Communication Diagram


Multi-unit Communication Diagram 1


Multi-unit Communication Diagram 2

Multi-unit Application Diagram


Multi-unit Application Diagram 1


Multi-unit Application Diagram 2

HPM6 is a new generation of power management controller that combines market demand based on the functions of original HMC6. It fits with various hardware interfaces, adequate protection functions, precise sampling, power computing competence, communication redundancy, internal PLC, expand digital input/output module functions, which can meet multiple scenario applications of marine power distribution. The detailed function and characteristics can refer to HPM6 user manual!


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